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College Ministries

Chapel Attendance Notices

During the Fall 2006 semester, College Ministries converted our chapel attendance program to Banner.

As part of this transition, students no longer receive a printed copy of their Chapel Attendance Notice. Instead, students will now submit their corrections online. College Ministries will make available once during each semester a one week period when corrections will be accepted. Corrections will be accepted the week following the last chapel date of the semester. Students will be allowed to submit up to 3 corrections. All 3 corrections must be submitted on the same form. This semester corrections will be accepted:


Fall 2014 Submission Dates

December 10-15, 2014


To submit a correction to your chapel attendance:

1. View your chapel attendance in the Chapel Attendance Channel in the Campus Life tab in MCSquare.

2. During the dates listed above, a button indicating "Click here to submit a chapel notice form" will appear.

3. Click the button, choose the chapels you are requesting credit for (up to 3 corrections) and then click the SUBMIT button.


After clicking the SUBMIT button, an email will be sent to College Ministries with your requested corrections. A copy of the email will also be sent to you. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation contact College Ministries at immediately to verify receipt of your Corrections.