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Welcome to the College Ministries website!

We hope you will find information here that will be helpful in your spiritual journey here at Messiah. Whether you are looking for information about Chapel, or looking for a local church or wanting to find a small group or service team, you should be able to find it here.

We especially invite you to take the spiritual types inventory on our Spiritual Formation page and to check out the various opportunities for pursuing spiritual growth here at Messiah.



Christian spiritual formation is a process of gradual growth, sometimes punctuated by occasional “crisis” moments of heightened awareness, personal struggle or intense experience of progress. These crisis moments may feel like a “spiritual high” or they may take the form of intense questioning or disillusionment. Whether you are in a crisis time or just moving along with the flow, we believe that God is at work in your life. Sometimes talking with another person about your spiritual life can help you discern your growth patterns and the movements of God in your life. At Messiah, faculty, staff and administrators alike are committed to the spiritual formation of our students and we hope you will seek them out as companions along your spiritual journey. As pastoral staff, mentoring students is a calling we especially enjoy. In a crisis time or when things are going great, we welcome you to contact us.

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