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College Ministries



While everything you do at Messiah will have a faith dimension, it is the particular goal of the College Ministries office to provide specific opportunities to focus on your spiritual life. These opportunities range from wilderness discipleship trips to puppet ministry, playing an instrument in Chapel to singing in the gospel choir, inner city tutoring to intentional community living.


Spread your wings, stretch your faith and nurture your soul. Check out some of the opportunities listed on this page.


Through complementary men's and women's small groups and ministry efforts as well as a monthly large group gathering, Koinonia is designed to be a place where students can easily find a place to plug in, can participate in a ministry that is relevant to their concerns, and can be challenged along with their peers to grow deeper in their faith. Koinonia is a campus-wide ministry; anyone from any part of campus can come by themselves or with some friends and join a small group of their choice.


Worship Community

The Worship Community is a co-curricular learning group comprised of students and educators dedicated to learning more about the nature and leadership of Christian worship.


Issachar's Loft

Adventure Challenge activities, Bible studies, team-building initiatives and more.


Agape Center

Check out these opportunities coordinated by the Agape Center.


Fulfilling Chapel Requirement through Service

Interested in an alternative method of obtaining chapel credit. Offered through the Agape Center.



AROMA is the sports ministry arm of our Athletic Department which seeks to have an impact on our teams, our campus, our community and our world for the glory of God. AROMA facilitates sports ministry training and opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved on campus. Our prime vehicles for ministry include, international trips, national service trips, local outreach, and summer camps.


Spiritual Formation Survey

Take the Spiritual Formation Survey to find your spirituality type.


Student Chaplain Forum Feedback

Take the Student Chaplain Forum Feedback to submit your response about the candidates for Student Chaplain.


Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction

You may set up times for pastoral counseling with our pastoral staff by calling the College Ministries office. Sessions for spiritual direction for groups or individuals can also be scheduled by calling 691-6017.



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