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Multicultural students

Information for multicultural students

At Messiah,we believe that having a diverse campus allows us to learn from each other as we share our Christian values, differing perspectives, customs and life experiences.

The application process and criteria are the same for multicultural students though there are some unique scholarship opportunities. You can direct questions about admissions processes, criteria and financial aid opportunities to your assigned counselor. Allan Mathew, coordinator of multicultural recruitment, is also available to talk you through campus experiences and opportunities for multicultural students at Messiah.

Scholarship and mentoring opportunities

Messiah offers robust programs, services and resources for domestic underrepresented students, including scholarship opportunities. The Lloyd and Lois Martin Multicultural Scholarship is a full or partial tuition award for students who exhibit strong scholarship, service, ministry or leadership in their school, church or community and who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting racial and ethnic diversity and reconciliation. Students go through an application and interview process to be eligible for one of these scholarships.  Once on campus, Martin Scholars benefit from special programming, mentoring relationships and campus leadership opportunities.

The R. H. Flowers Mentoring Program is an additional scholarship and mentoring opportunity for multicultural students. R. H. Flowers participants go through the same application and interview process as Martin Scholars, and then the interviewers determine whether the applicant is better suited for participation in the Martin or R. H. Flowers program. Both programs provide diverse students with academic, social and spiritual support—not to mention meaningful relationships and leadership opportunities!

The multicultural programs staff strives to meet the unique needs of domestic underrepresented students and to support them in achieving personal growth and success, while providing educational programs, services and resources that promote racially, ethnically, culturally and globally diverse, safe and transformative learning environments for all members of the Messiah community. The R. H. Flowers Mentoring Program—an effort that connects new students with a junior or senior mentor—is just one example of how intentional Messiah is about making all students, regardless of gender, race, nationality, status or position, feel valued as a being created in the image of God.