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Submission of College Honors Papers

Murray Library accepts and stores electronic copies of honors papers submitted by students. Honors papers will be added to and discoverable in the library catalog. A link will be embedded in the library catalog record to the actual paper stored on the library web server. In addition to submitting your honors project to the College Honors Program, a second copy may be submitted via email to Beth Transue at the library for archiving. The format should be MSWord (or MSOffice suite) or pdf, if at all possible. If the project requires a different file format, please include a description of the file/format used, so that it can be properly stored and accessed in the future. If projects are physical objects, rather than documents which can be stored electronically, please contact Beth to determine the best way to submit these to the library.

Copyright Permission: Because the library stores copies of students' papers on permanent reserve in electronic form and link to the electronic documents through the library catalog, students must grant copyright permission so that the library may properly maintain and provide access to the copies of their documents online. Students should either print this out and return it with their signature, or copy it into their submission email to Beth stating that they agree to it:

"I give permission for public access to my Honors paper, and for Messiah College to maintain and provide access in electronic format for online use. In granting this limited permission, my intention is not to surrender my intellectual property rights, but to promote scholarship by providing electronic copies for personal study and not-for-profit education use. By providing this permission, I also certify that, to the best of my knowledge, my work does not infringe upon any third-party copyright."

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