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    Sending a fax via email directions
  • Send an email to where NUMBER is the recipient's fax number. For instance, if you want to send a fax to number 555-1234, you would type in the TO field.
  • Note: The rules for a "1? and the need for area code follow the normal rules for placing a voice call. You need a "1? for any long distance call and the area code for anything outside of the 717 area code.
  • Whatever you type in the subject or body of the message will appear in the generated fax. You may attach a single TIF image or PDF document to this email, and that document will appear as additional page(s) in the resulting fax. Send your message.:
  • The fax server will now start sending your document. After the fax is sent, you will receive a reply in your email, confirming the fax was sent. If the fax server is unable to send the fax after several attempts, it will reply with a failure message
  • If you do not receive any reply after a half-hour or so, then call ITS (x4444) to have us check the status of your fax. Do not resend the email, until checking with ITS, otherwise the fax may have gone through and you'll actually be sending the recipient a second copy of the fax!

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