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Frequently Asked Questions About Library Ordering and Budget

How do I order items for the Library?
Every department handles library acquisitions a little bit differently based on their own unique procedures and needs. Talk to your liaison librarian and department chair about how to order library materials. You may submit orders in the form of:

    * Pages from a publisher's catalog
    * Emails or printouts through Amazon or other websites
    * Choice cards (or Choice Reviews Online)
    * Fill out form on library website

How does the library determine how much money a department can spend on materials during a fiscal year?
Departments receive 70% of the total library acquisitions budget; 30% is retained by the library for interdisciplinary and liaison purchases. The budget is allocated to departments according to a formula that incorporates factors such as costs of materials, prior spending, and library use. After the amounts are calculated, the department allocation figures are adjusted and approved by the Library Committee. Department allocations cover costs for print serials, books, films, music, scores, etc. The allocation does not cover electronic databases. You can see the current amount available to your department under the Library tab in MCSquare. Please contact your liaison librarian or the Collection Development Coordinator if you would like more information about the budget allocation formula.

What is the deadline for ordering books for the library?
The deadline for ordering books or other items for the library is April 1. Monies not spent by April 1 revert back to the General Library fund.

May I use the library department allocation to purchase materials that will be housed in my department?
No. All items purchased with library funds must be housed in the library.


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