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A gap year is loosely defined as a period of time after college when one is involved in a short term job, volunteer experience, post-graduate internship, or training opportunity. Gap year experiences are meant to build up your resume and give you time to explore and develop your career interests; they are not meant to be long term or permanent.


As you research gap year options, be intentional about the experiences you decide to pursue.   Seek opportunities that allow you to explore a potential area of interest, meet key people, and/or develop your skills in a certain field.  During your gap year, be sure to gain the most from your experience by networking with others, asking key questions, exploring your surroundings, and taking an active role in what you are doing.  


By using your gap year wisely and strategically, you will set yourself up for future success.



The following websites can serve as excellent resources as you consider gap year experiences:

    Adventure Jobs

    Escape Artist

    Fellows Program

    International Volunteer Programs Association

    Mennonite Missions

    Real Gap Year Experience

    Spruce Lake Camp

    Teach Abroad

    Transitions Abroad

    Volunteer Abroad





For additional links and resources, please visit the Non-Profit Resources page of our website.   Many of these opportunities are short-term, and as such lend themselves to being utilized as gap year experiences.


Students who are interested in pursuing a gap year experience in the field of Christian minsitry can also find helpful links here






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