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Off-Campus Job Fairs


CVC Events:
Cumberland Valley Consortium (CVC) consists of ten colleges and universities located in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  CVC's mission is to promote positive relationships among the member schools, employers, and our students and alumni through several annual career fairs.    For more information about CVC’s fairs, which include the Job & Internship Fair in February, the Virtual Fair in the summer, and the Teacher Fair in November, contact Abby Book, Employer Registrar, at


CPEC Job and Internship Fair:

The Central Pennsylvania Employment Consortium (CPEC) was founded in 1987.  The mission of the consortium is to provide quality career services to students and alumni through a pooling of resources and the expertise of our members.  The consortium holds a Job & Internship Fair every February.   For more information, contact Traci Keiffer, Executive Assistant, at


Teacher Recruitment Day:

The Teacher Recruitment Day (TRD) event brings over 700 candidates and 100 school districts together to discuss teaching opportunities.   The fair is held every spring, and is organized by the TRD consortium member schools.  For more detail, contact Abby Book, TRD Administrator, at





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