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Establishing a New Community and Relationships



  • Life Together, Dietrich Bonheoffer

  • Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung


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  •  “Get plugged into a church where ever you go. I struggled finding friends and relationships until I found a church who had a Bible study focused to my age group.”

  • “Find a church and get plugged in as soon as you can! When I moved to Philadelphia after graduating from Messiah...I was sad and lonely all the time and missed my friends back home in Central PA. But once I started attending a church in Philly, I met some awesome people and forged a new social circle.”

  • “If you're moving away from your friends, look for a new support group as soon as possible. If you're a musician, join a community choir/band. If you love theology, join a discussion group. Go swing dancing or join a club sports team. But find something to do that you love that involves a group of people you can get to know; it's the best real-world alternative to a peer group.”

  • “Don't rely on parents or roommates to cover your routine life skills during college - handle your own cleaning and food shopping, and budget your spending. These are the things that can hit you as time-consuming and frustrating once you graduate if you did not learn how to do them during college. Also, plan for your future, beyond just getting a job. Think about the culture and community opportunities where you are looking to move after graduation - will there be churches that you could see yourself attending? How far away will friends and family (your support group) be, and what is the outlook for making new friends? Then, once you move, don't take too long to find and settle into a church, and look for ways to make new friends. Your long-distance friendships will not be sustaining enough in your new life.”

  • “I wish someone would have been more explicit in telling me that college is such a unique time of getting to live and do life with friends. Transitioning out of that was a bit more difficult than I expected. The loss of my Messiah community was definitely something that needed to be processed and grieved upon graduation.”

  • “Leaving behind a solid group of friends at Messiah and moving out of my parent's house were difficult. Finding clubs, organizations, church groups, and volunteer opportunities helped me to make new friends.”

  • “I was going to a large church and wandering disconnected. Messiah placed in me the desire to serve in missions. So I got connected with our missions director. Through mission trips, I became more connected with people and fostered relationships. Find your passion and use that to get connected after Messiah.”

  • “I had a hard time postgrad finding a community.  Many of my friends did not return to Maine after college and I found myself a little isolated. I got involved in a local sports group called PortSports, joining intramural sporting teams such as volleyball, kickball and bowling.  I suggest new graduates consider their favorite experiences in college and look for a way to continue that hobby or interest in the "real world".”





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