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What to Consider When Selecting a Program/School


Pay attention to the following factors, and determine which are most important to you:  


  • Geographic Location - How far do you want to be from friends & family? What’s the difference between in-state & out-of-state tuition? Do you feel the environment is a “good fit”?
  • Cost – How will you finance grad school? What type of financial aid is available (scholarships, fellowships, tuition wavers, graduate assistantships)?
  • Reputation – Is the program/institution nationally recognized? Is it accredited by the appropriate accrediting boards?
  • Quality of Program – Consider faculty members’ academic backgrounds & level of expertise, distinguished achievements, and involvement. What is the faculty/student ratio? It is always helpful to speak with faculty members and current students before making your decision. Also, research their website!
  • Internships/Assistantships – How many students have them? Do they provide professional experience? Is there a stipend?
  • Facilities – How technologically up-to-date are they? How extensive is the library?
  • Requirements & Preparation – How many credits/years is the program? Will I need to complete a thesis, research project, and/or internships?
  • Admissions Preferences – Does the department prefer to have their applicants fresh out of undergraduate school, or do they tend to prefer applicants having work experience relevant to their field?






Focus for Self-Assessment

Job Posting