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Law School: Pre-law Advising


Please note: The following pages are for any student considering law school, not just those with a pre-law minor. 


For some students, declaring “pre-law” is a helpful way to test out their interest in law and to get a feel for the content areas.  However, law schools do not require pre-law as a pre-requisite for admission to law schools. 


Whether you are seriously committed to pursuing law or it’s simply an idea you’ve casually bounced around, take some time to read through the important information in the following pages.


Who makes a good lawyer?  Who is a strong candidate for law school?  Assess your desire to pursue law by answering some critical questions. 

Answers to popular questions related to pursuing a law degree.

Information about law specialties and joint degree options.

Suggested courses, activities, and experiences to optimally prepare you for law school.

What do admissions committees look for in candidates?  What is required for the    application?  What is the LSDAS?  What you need to know when applying to law school.

Information about the test and how you can best prepare.

Links to useful resources related to the field of law and law school.




Focus for Self-Assessment

Job Posting