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Four-Year Checklist


Please keep in mind that this is an “ideal” timeline.  It is a general list of recommendations to maximize your college years in preparation for law school. 

FIRST YEAR                                                                                                                                                         

  • Express your interest in law school to your advisor and a career counselor at the Career Center.  
  • Identify courses which will help you to develop the necessary skills and competencies for law school.
  • Begin doing some research about the field of law.  Consider doing an information interview with someone who is practicing law.  Need help finding someone?  Learn about our Alumni Career Network.
  • Become involved in a co-curricular activity to develop your skill base (an example would be to join the Student Government Association to develop leadership and decision-making skills.  Or, become involved through the Agape Center to build your experience in working with human rights issues).
  • Work hard in your classes to achieve a high GPA.
  • Begin cultivating relationships with your faculty members.  Later on, you will be asking them to serve as references!



  • Continue to discuss your plans with your advisor, and enroll in challenging courses.
  • Consider shadowing a lawyer for a day to see what it’s like. 
  • Take the free practice LSAT offered through the Career Center (offered once per semester).
  • Think about fitting an internship into your plan.
  • Maintain a strong GPA.



  • Become familiar with the LSAC early in your junior year.
  • Prepare for and register to take the June LSAT (the next test date is October/September). 
  • Set aside time to carefully research and narrow down the law schools to which you’d like to apply.  Keep record of admissions requirements (ex. GPA, LSAT scores, transcript, experiences, specializations, financial aid options, etc.).



  • Register with the LSDAS
  • Request application materials from schools of interest. 
  • Begin thinking about your essays that will be part of your applications.




  • Take LSAT if you didn’t take it in June.
  • Begin completing application forms.
  • Request letters of recommendation.
  • Have your essays and personal statements critiqued by a career counselor and/or the Writing Center. 


  • Request official transcripts from the Registrar’s Office, and have them sent to LSDAS.
  • Send in completed, proofread applications.
  • If interested, apply for graduate assistantship positions.


  • Apply for federal student loans after completing income tax returns.









Focus for Self-Assessment

Job Posting