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Liberal Arts in the Workplace


How does a liberal arts education add value to a student's career? The following resources reveal the potential for a host of highly marketable skills associated with the liberal arts.  It's important to consider how you will combine your classroom learning with real world application.  How will you articulate the value of your education? What specific examples will you offer to demonstrate the application of these transferable skill sets?


The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports in their annual Job Outlook 2010 report, "communication skills topped both lists (How Employers Rate the Importance of Candidate Skills/Qualities and The Top Five Candidate Skills/Qualities)." Combined with the top skills that employers are seeking, the report emphasizes that employers not only prefer candidates with experience, but "prefer candidates with relevant experience."


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The Increasing Demand for Liberal Arts Skills in the Workplace

  • Articles from the American Assoc. of Colleges & Universities


School of Humanities Career Brochure


Liberal Arts Skills - Translating & Communicating Skills Employers Desire in Students


Top Ten Skills Employers are Seeking


Close the Gap Between the Liberal Arts and Career Services

  •  Article by Kate Brooks, The Chronicle of Higher Education


7 Major Misperceptions About the Liberal Arts

  • Article by Sanford J. Ungar, The Chronicle of Higher Education


The Goals of a Liberal Education

  • Article by William Cronon, The American Scholar


What Employers Want in New Graduates

  • Article by Beckie Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education


Debating the English Major

  • Article by Carol Geary Schneider, President of the Association of American Colleges & Universities







Focus for Self-Assessment

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