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Gaining Professional Experience


Never underestimate the value of experience!  There are a number of ways for you to gain experience toward a career field of interest during your time at Messiah:

  • Internships  (Visit our colleagues in the Internship Center, adjacent to our office)

         * check out these great video interviews about internships featuring execs from   
            many top organizations!

        ....and much more!


Benefits of Gaining Experience

  • Explore, first hand, an occupation that interests you
  • Develop experience and skill sets that are desired by employers (ex. leadership, communication, teamwork, interpersonal skills, flexibility/adaptability, organizational skills, etc.)
  • Test out and build on your strengths and recognize your weak areas
  • Begin to develop a professional network in a particular career field
  • Add bulk to your resume and Increase your marketability to employers
  • Observe and hear advice from those with years of experience



Transferable Skills - Identifying & Communicating Your Marketability/Uniqueness



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