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  School of the Arts:
Owner and Artistic Director, comedy club
Freelance Photo Stylist
Director of Theatre
Professor of Music
Artist and College Slide Librarian
Graphic Designer
  School of Education and Social Sciences:
Church Planter/Missionary
Social Work Case Manager
Graduate Student/ Teaching Assistant
Kindergarten Teacher
Professor of Family Studies
Abstinence Education Director
  School of Health and Natural Sciences:
Ranch Specialist/Financial Advisor
Nurse Practitioner/ Entrepreneur
Director of Parks and Recreation
Professor of Chemistry
Research Investigator, pharmaceuticals
General Manager, AA baseball
Wellness Coordinator, rehab center
Director of Recreation Commission
Pediatric Research Dietician
  School of Humanities:
Church Planter/Missionary
Attorney & Bank VP
Manager, global business development
Federal Public Defender
General Counsel and VP, network security company
Coordinator, urban initiative and Founder, "Forgotten Voices"
Director, non-profit Christian community
Foreign Language Area Studies fellow
Pastor of Student Ministries
Administrative Judge, state government
Dean of Students
Event Planner/ Entrepreneur
Prison Chaplain
Director of Music Production Company
Director of College Diversity
  School of Mathematics, Engineering, and Business:
Professor of Mathematics
Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Istanbul
Human Resources Manager
Graduate Student, Ph.D. program
President, global non-profit organization
Partner, accounting firm
Professor of Biostatistics
Computer Consultant/ Entrepreneur

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Career Profiles
Peter Greer
Graduated: 1997
Major: International Business
President of HOPE International

Choosing a Major
Peter is not entirely certain what major he declared as a first year student at Messiah. Not remembering if he ever officially declared a major in his initial field of interest, history, he speaks vaguely of those early months of study: "I had many interests and was unsure exactly which area to focus on." It was not until he received guidance from Ronald Webb in the Department of Management & Business that Peter realized his passions for traveling and foreign languages pointed to a perfect fit in the field of international business.

The Messiah Experience
Intercollegiate athletics took center stage on the broad sweep of Peter's campus experience. As a player on both the lacrosse team and the soccer team, he learned lessons on the field that served a greater purpose in his own life. "Relating with a team, developing discipline, and participating in something bigger than myself had a profound impact on me," he says. In addition to college sports, Peter was involved in World Christian Fellowship, Emerging Leaders, and even participated in a few theatre productions. Overall, he reminisces, "It was a great time to branch out and be involved in so many things and to understand better the gifts that God has given me, and how I can use them in His service."

Career Center Experience
Peter utilized the services offered by the Career Center as he built a resume marketing his qualifications and work experience. The services provided by Career Center staff also challenged him to sharpen his job-hunting skills as he prepared to approach potential employers.

Peter perceives a constant connection between the skills and knowledge developed in his major and his current vocation. Although the technical skills of international business have been integral to his vocation, he values even more the lessons he has learned about integrating faith and career. He learned from the faculty of the Department of Management & Business what he terms "bigger picture skills." They instilled in him the conviction that "what we do and how we do it really matters." This concept broadened his understanding of business careers, which can often be seen as a narrow field, to include missions work. "You can be in missions without being an official church planter," he asserts. Along with giving him a new understanding of the flexibility of service, Peter's life at Messiah greatly influenced his career throught the relationships he forged. "Time at Messiah clearly led me to my current vocation," he asserts, "I never heard of microfinance or business as missions. It was a result of my time at Messiah College that I am where I am today and a result of the relationships I had on campus."

What to Do Next
Peter's first step after graduation was somewhat aggravating: "It was frustrating because I wanted to get into this field, but almost all overseas positions required several years of overseas experience. I took what wasn't exactly the job I was looking for right after graduation," he admits. As a business manager at Lexington Christian Academy, he continued to network and learn valuable skills that were critically important to his overseas work.

Dynamic Process
After two years at Lexington Christian Academy, Peter steadily moved toward a career in international economic development. Through World Relief, an organization that mobilizes churches and communities to address world issues, he stepped boldly overseas as a micro-finance advisor in Cambodia and took a subsequent position as a managing director in Rwanda. Each of these positions proved to be somewhat of a stepping-stone to Peter's master's degree at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and current involvement with HOPE International.


• "Commit your plans to the Lord and they will succeed."
• "Be a sponge."
• "Seek out mentors, people you can trust. Tap into the enormous resource you have in your professors."
• "Networking is of critical importance. Meet everyone who will have lunch with you!"
• "Determine what your passions are, your talents, and what you really enjoy."

A Typical Day

As the president of HOPE International, a non-profit organization that addresses world poverty through the development of microenterprises, Peter's "broad responsibilities" encompass all the facets of running an international corporation.  This includes expanding the personnel and ensuring the productivity of his staff, which is a full time job in itself:  "My role is that of a coach, and I certainly draw from a lot of the lessons learned from faculty, staff, and coaches at Messiah," he explains.  A significant part of his job revolves around finding the right people. "It takes the right motivation, developing a unified vision about where you're going, attracting the right people, and making sure they are successful at what they do.  It's about finding where resources can best be utilized."  Mike is currently working to improve the quality and extent of HOPE's outreach in its nine countries of operation.

A "Why" Moment
When asked if there are any moments or "signs" that speak to him, telling him clearly that HOPE is the right place for him, Peter eagerly responds: "All the time!" When overseas, he intentionally makes time to sit and talk with people receiving HOPE's services. Through these exchanges, he is provided ample opportunity to see how God is using his vocation to meet very practical needs. "I was sitting with a family in Sri Lanka who had everything washed away by the Tsunami," he begins. "I had an opportunity to see HOPE's staff members reaching out to meet the physical and spiritual needs in this very challenging environment. It is a privilege to be able to help address poverty through microfinance, but also to share the hope we have in Christ. The impact is unbelievable; I remember a client who said with great dignity, 'I used to be poor, but I'm poor no longer. I don't need another loan.' People are escaping poverty and hearing about the love of Christ in large numbers."

Speaking of his vocation at HOPE, Peter asserts, "This is where I feel my talents and my passion are aligned. There is great joy that comes from knowing I am in the right place."

In Peter's career, he is challenged daily to follow Christ's example of service and to seize the chance to follow after Him. He constantly asks himself: "How can I put others' needs above my own?" His work with national leaders, equipping them to reach out to their communities, has prompted him to also ask: "How do I design the right system of discipleship so that the people I work with have a chance to grow and mature?"

Dreams Still Dreaming
Peter would like to soon see HOPE grow into a top quality microfinance provider that incorporates excellence of microfinance with the message of Christ. "I am extremely happy where I am," he says. "It is a privilege to lead HOPE to the next stage of organizational growth."


Profile by Brianna Davidson, August 2005


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