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Self-assessment Inventories


Although we don't offer THE TEST that will "tell you what to do the rest of your life," self-assessment testing can help you and your career counselor identify patterns of strengths and interests. The self-assessment piece is critical to understanding which academic majors and career options might be a good fit for you.  Inventories available in the Career Center include the following:


Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is a personality preference inventory which shows how understanding individual differences can lead you to more satisfying career choices, improve your work and personal relationships, increase productivity, and identify leadership and interpersonal communication preferences.  Please visit the Career Center to take the MBTI.  Or, try taking the personality inventory found on My Plan.


Campbell Interest and Skills Survey

The CISS is a career planning survey that measures self-reported interests and skills. It is based on the idea that your vocational interest and skills are important components of your personal characteristics. The interest scale reflects your degree of attraction for and provides a comparison of, specific occupational areas.


Strong Interest Inventory

The SII is a helpful assessment for identifying areas of interests while exploring careers. It compares occupational, educational, and leisure interests with people who are happily employed in a variety of fields.


*For more information on our selection of inventories, or to take one of them, visit the Career Center.








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