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Social Media and the Job Hunt


When utilized correctly, social media can be an integral part of your job search.  The following platforms each offer a unique way to connect professionally with others:


    • LINKEDIN - The most popular, international networking resource! Utilize LinkedIn to connect professionally with others in your field of interest, join professional groups (including the Messiah College Professional Network), follow companies, and search for jobs.  Find more specific tips on the LinkedIn section of the Career Center’s website.


    • TWITTER - In addition to connecting you with others in your field, this platform can provide you with access to a wealth of information from industry experts.  Twitter also is a fantastic way to view job postings, as over one million job openings are tweeted each month (be sure to utilize TweetMyJobs to expand your search).  When using Twitter, it is recommended that your “160me be professional in nature.  Your Twitter profile should include a link to your LinkedIn profile.  All of your tweets should primarily be about items that related to your field of interest, and should make optimal use of hashtags and retweets.  A final recommendation is to follow people on Twitter who you would like to know you, such as industry leaders or human resource representatives. 
      *Some helpful sites to support your Twitter use include Listorious, Twellow, TweetDeck, and HootSuite.


    • FACEBOOK – Before you begin to utilize Facebook to network professionally, be sure ALL of your postings, pictures, and updates are appropriate.  Some effective ways to use Facebook when networking include:  linking your blog or website to your Facebook page, reminding others of your job search status through your status updates, and/or posting a professionally-written note about your current career situation onto your profile page.




    Click here for an informative article by Dave Hagenbuch, Associate Professor of Marketing at Messiah College regarding creating your personal brand. Here is an additional article featured on QuintCareers which provides important facts and tips.


    Social Networking and the Job Search is an excellent resource full of helpful tips on how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest while looking for employment.


    Brand Yourself is a free service that allows you to manage the way in which you appear in online searches.   Since many employers are utilizing web engines to research job applicants, personal brand management tools such as "Brand Yourself" are becoming increasingly popular.


    Online Reputation Management is another free resource.   This site features an extensive collection of educational materials, all dedicated to ensuring that your online reputation is protected.


Top Career Blogs for New Grads - learn about office culture, time management, career advice, and starting a new job through these informative blogs from top counselors and coaches.


Four Steps to Cleaning Up Your Social Media Profile - full of practical advice on how to ensure that your social media presence is professionally appropriate.




    Many employers now use social media to screen applicants.  


    The following chart shows various ways in which employers utizilize social networks:








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