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Exploring Career Options


This page contains information about typical career paths for particular majors.


This website, developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, offers a comprehensive list of occupations.  Find information related to occupation descriptions, average salary, nature of the work, and more.


An online tool to research occupations, evaluate skill sets, and determine potential fits for your interests.


Search by major or industry.  Contains video clips for occupations. 


Search occupations by industry.


  • Alumni Career Network                                                                                                  When exploring majors and careers, it is advised that you learn more from speaking with and/or observing someone in your field of interest.  If you would like assistance in identifying an alumn in a particular career field, please talk with a career coach. 


Wonder what Messiah College grads do after graduation?  Visit this page to read about their interesting career journeys as well as advice they offer to current students.









Focus for Self-Assessment

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