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HIT the ROAD: Explore the Possibilities

The "Hit the Road" program provides students with an opportunity to explore career fields of interest in a hands-on, meaningful way.  Click below to find out more information!  


Summer 2010 Hit the Road Teams:

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Laura Shedlosky and Joslyn Smeal


Destination:Washington DC & New York City

Liberty and Justice

Cruising to the Future

Carey Cortese; Kari Mast; Katlyn Musser;  Amanda Naeher

Destination: West Coast, Oregon

Cruising to the futre


Cyprus Seekers

Matthew Jagnarian; Melissa Hogan;  Rebecca Savaria

Destination: Island of Cyprus

Cyprus seekers

Messiah To Go

Stephanie Fleetman;  Alecia Groff; Carolyn Wheatley

Destination: San Francisco, Grand Canyon

Messiah to go Team

**Watch a short video from past teams' road trips!!



2009 Teams:

Cross-Country Cruisers

New England Awesomes

Go West Young Men

Dreamers and Seekers


2008 Teams:

Tour de Farm
City Scamper
Sigma Sigma Wamma
Team Med-Search


2007 Teams:
The Fab Four

Grads without Borders

The Midnight Riders

Oregon Trail


Hit the Road NEWS!

We are proud to announce that the HTR program is the recipient of a 2008 national award through the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)!



During the summer of 2007, the Career Center, with sponsorship from Enterprise Rent-a-Car, sent four teams packing to explore their vocation through interviewing professionals across the country (Click here to read article in The Bridge).










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