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New Copier and Printer Program



Beginning in June, 2014 College Press and Learning Technology Services will be rolling out a new, unified campus printer/copier program. The new program has been established in response to the President’s prioritization initiatives and will involve the elimination of many desktop printers from campus. However, the program will also feature many brand new, color-capable copiers equipped with print, scan, and copy technology. In addition, the new campus print program will help to bring our overall copy and print strategy into alignment with Messiah’s commitment to the priority of sustainability.


Features of this new program include:

  • Grouping employees into “work clusters” prompting them to share print devices rather than maintaining printers in individual offices. (Due to the nature of work in some areas, certain offices will retain individual or departmental print capability)


  • Secure printing to the cloud, allowing employees to print almost anywhere on campus. Each strategically placed copier acts as a release station, initiated by a card swipe or password login to ensure confidentiality and reduced waste


  • Improved “pay as you use” billing processes for both printers and copiers. Departments no longer need to purchase toner cartridges or printer paper. The costs of these items are built into the “pay as you use” price schedule. The price schedule, as seen below, has been designed to help users make the best decisions about where and when to print


Please note, in order to print to any copier on campus, each employee will need to download two (2) “Print Anywhere” print drivers to their computer. Please see the instructions below for downloading the “Print Anywhere” drivers.


These two drivers are not needed for copying or scanning. Nor are they needed for utilization of any of the few desktop printers remaining in the fleet after implementation.

Additional information can be found below in the Questions and Answers portion of this page.


More information about printing services in general can be found on-line at


As always, employees may seek help by calling the ITS help-desk at Ext. 4444


Installing “Print Anywhere” Print Drivers


In order to print to a “Print Anywhere” copier, you will first need to install Two (2) Print Drivers to your computer. One is for the large model copiers (Toshiba Copiers) and one is for smaller copiers (Lexmark Copiers). We recommend downloading both drivers.


For Windows users

  • Click on START in the bottom left hand corner of your screen
  • Open Computer and in the top address bar type in:  \\pserver and press, ‘Enter’ to bring up a list of pserver drivers.
  • Then, Right-click on Toshiba-Anywhere and select Connect.
  • Repeat above instructions and Right-click on Lexmark-Anywhere and select Connect.
  • You may now print to the Print Anywhere copiers. Your prints will not print until you walk to the copier and release them (See instructions below)


For MAC users

Click here for instructions: or call the help desk at Ext. 4444 


All Employees Please Note: Many of the “Print Anywhere” Copiers are COLOR-print capable, but the printer driver defaults to black-and-white. You will need to go into printer options and select COLOR Print if you really want to print in color.  

In order to make Copies at the “Print Anywhere” copiers or to release your prints, you will need your existing Employee ID Swipe Card or your Messiah network password login.

When you walk up to the copier, you will see that there is a Question Mark on the display screen. This is the “idle” setting on the copier. The copier is waiting for instructions.

In order to use the copier, press the start button to type in your Messiah network username and password or, more simply, just swipe your ID card using the card swipe on the side of the copier.

Once the Copier recognizes you as a user, you can use the copier as you would any copier or, you can release any job(s) you sent to the cloud.


Copiers and Printers

Questions and Answers


When will the change take place?

The new print program will be a work in progress. Installation will take place between June 2nd and June 27th, 2014. Training will take place as installation occurs. Training opportunities will also take place periodically throughout the summer and into the fall as needed. The program is to be reviewed regularly and all feedback will be considered. Please submit your questions, ideas, or suggestions to


Will there be any changes to printing fees?

Yes. Pricing and billing processes will be reconfigured. Employees are strongly encouraged to utilize College Press and the multi-functional convenience copiers whenever possible. A “Best-Practices” guide has been posted on-line at

Please note: Departments will no longer need to purchase printer cartridges or printer paper. Printing and Copying will be billed on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.



Price per Print/Copy




(Black and White to Laser Printers)





(Color to Laser Printers)





Black and White to Copiers





Color to Copiers




College Press

Black and White



College Press


Pricing is based on size, quantity, and  paper type




Where will the printers and copiers be located?

Printers and Multi-functional copiers will be strategically and conveniently located in buildings across campus. A six-month long assessment process was conducted by College Press and ITS and placement locations were approved by senior administrators.  The assessment process included individual and departmental interviews as well as a complete review of current costs, printer volumes, and business priorities. Department Chairs or supervisors can request a PDF copy of a floor plan which outlines copier and printer locations for their specific area by emailing Bill Althoff at Locations and printer volumes will be reviewed regularly and all feedback for the review process is welcomed at


Will laser printers be removed from campus?

Not all desktop printers will be removed from offices during the implementation process but many of them will be. Printers which are still in good condition may be re-allocated while others may be inventoried for parts and future needs.  Employees are strongly encouraged to utilize laser printers as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary.


Employees can find help by calling the ITS help-desk at Ext. 4444 or College Press at Ext. 6030.








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