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Students: Print Anywhere on Campus


In June, 2014 College Press and Learning Technology Services rolled out a new, unified campus printing program. This new program features many brand new, color-capable copiers equipped with print, scan, and copy technology. In addition, the new campus print program helps to bring our overall copy and print strategy into alignment with Messiah’s commitment to the priority of sustainability.

Other features of this new program include:


  • Secure printing to the cloud, allowing students to “Print Anywhere” on campus, 24 hours a day.

  • Each copier acts as a release station, initiated by a card swipe or password login to ensure confidentiality and reduce waste
  • Improved “pay as you use” billing processes and revised pricing designed to help users make the best decisions about where and when to print


The new pricing structure is listed below in the Questions and Answers portion of this page.

Students can now utilize their $24 per semester allotment to pay for photocopies and to pay for printing


Please note, in order to “Print Anywhere” – students will, as in the past; be required to utilize the campus “Web Print” system.


Additional information can be found below under Questions and Answers.


More information about printing services in general can be found on-line at or through reading the Computer Lab Tutorials found on the desktops of each PC in the Computer Labs.


As always, students may seek help by calling the Student Computer Services at Ext. 3333



Questions and Answers


When will the change take place?

Installation was completed in June. All changes are in place for the fall 2014 semester.


Will there be any changes to student printing fees?

Yes. Students will still be given a $24.00 printing credit at the start of each semester. However, pricing for each print has been reconfigured and students are strongly encouraged to utilize the multi-functional convenience copiers whenever possible. Additionally, students should take note: If a student exceeds his or her $24 per semester allotment, that student will need to prepay for any additional printing/copying they do. Students can prepay by making deposits onto their Falcon Dollars Account. Again, the need to prepay will only be necessary once a student utilizes their $24 per semester allotment.


Where are the multi-functional convenience copiers located?

A PDF document showing the locations of all public, multi-functional copiers can be accessed by clicking on the words "print anywhere".


Will laser printers be removed from dorms?

No. The existing laser printers will not be removed from the dormitories. Students are strongly encouraged to only utilize the laser printers in dormitories when absolutely necessary and as little as possible. The multi-functional “print anywhere” copiers placed throughout the campus cost less to use than the printers in the dorms.


Will laser printers be removed from student computer Labs?

Students will continue to be able to print in the computer labs. In some labs, laser printers have been replaced with smaller, Lexmark, “print anywhere” devices.


Web Print

Students can upload documents in a variety of formats and have them print out to almost any network printer on campus! How? It’s easy!


  • Go to

  • Login using your Messiah username/password

  • Click “Submit a Job”

  • Choose a printer and follow the instructions on the screen


Please Note: “Print Anywhere” Copiers are COLOR-print capable, but students will need to go into printer options and select COLOR Print if they really want to print in color.  Be sure to check the student pricing schedule for best options.


Scanning Instruction

In order to use a copier as a scanner, please follow these instructions


  1. Authenticate or “log in” at the copier by either swiping your ID card in the card reader, or by typing in your network user name and password on the touch screen.
  2. Press “scan” button on the console
  3. Touch “email” on the touch screen
  4. Touch “to” on the touch screen  (your own email address will auto populate upon logging in to the copier)
  5. Touch “search” on the touch screen if you desire to scan to someone other than yourself
  6. Touch “last name”, and enter the last name of the person you want to scan a document to
  7. Touch “enter” on the touch screen
  8. Touch “ok” on the touch screen.  The copier defaults to Messiah Directory. 
  9. Touch desired name to scan to
  10. Press green start key on the console to begin your scan.  If you use the document feeder, it will automatically send when done scanning.
  11. If you are scanning from the glass, you can change pages and continue to scan or touch job finish to send your scan
  12. To log out of the copier, touch Function Clear button on the console twice.



Student Printer Fees

Price Per Copy


Printing (Black and white to laser printers)



Printing (Color to Laser Printers)



Printing/Copying Black and White to Copiers



Printing/Copying Color to Copiers



Semester Credit

Each semester, students will be given a $24.00 lab printing credit. This fee covers all print and/or copies made in Labs, on dorm printers, or on any “print anywhere” copier device on campus. Once enough pages have been printed to use all of this credit, the student must prepay for his or her printing needs by adding dollars to their Falcon Dollars Account. Please note: The $24 per semester credit is for copying and printing only -- it is not a credit which can be used against any other college fees. Any remaining credit from the initial $24 allotment in one semester will not be rolled forward or added to the next semester's credit. Each student starts each semester with the same credit amount.

Students are encouraged to contact Student Computer Services at Ext. 3333 if they have any questions. Students can also contact College Press in the Bowmansdale building about their printing and copying needs when campus copiers do not seem adequate for their work. Often, College Press can accommodate students’ requests and can do so at a reduced cost.


Printer Billing Procedures

Printer charges occur each time a print is made. The charge occurs immediately. If any discrepancies are noticed Student Computer Services should be contacted -- not the Business Office.  (Ext. 3333)


Refund Procedures

Refunds will be given for printer malfunctions. Printer malfunctions include toner problems, ink distribution problems, undetected paper feeding problems, and any other hardware problems. Often the printers will detect a paper jam and automatically reprint the page once the jam is cleared. If this occurs, a refund will not be needed-- the student will only be charged for the one good page. If a refund is needed, it can be requested through This includes print requests that were sent through and those printed directly from lab computers. To submit a request, follow these steps:


  • Go to
  • Login using your Messiah username & password
  • On the left side, click on Recent Print Jobs
  • Locate the print job that you are requesting a refund for and click the request refund link under the Status heading.

Note: If the job status shows Cancelled then you were not charged for that print request.

  • Select the Refund Amount you are requesting. You can select Full Amount or you can select Partial Amount and indicate the specific amount you are requesting. This would be if you were printing a multiple page document and there was an issue with some of the pages and you had to reprint them.
  • Enter a detailed description of what happened into the Reason for Request field.
  • Click the Send button and you should be sent back to your list of Recent Print Jobs.
  • If additional refund requests are needed, please repeat steps 4 through 7


Refund requests are reviewing daily by Student Computer Services. Failure to supply accurate information will delay the refund process and may result in requests being rejected. If you have any questions about a refund request, please contact the Assistant Manager of Student Computer Services, Chad Keene, via e-mail ( or by phone (ext. 3830). Also, please note that refund requests should be submitted in a timely manner. Failure to request a refund within 2 weeks of the print request may result in the request being rejected.



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