Welcome to Virtual EMS

       Virtual EMS Account are for all faculty and staff and leaders of approved student groups.  Individual students may not have a Virtual EMS account.

Setting up your Virtual EMS account is a simple 2-part process.  Step 1 involves you creating your account.  Step 2 involves me configuring your account.  After that you are ready to go.

          Benefits of using Virtual EMS include:

·         Putting a “room hold” on an available space without emailing a request to Room Reservations and awaiting a reply. 

(With Virtual EMS the Room Reservationist will be notified of your request, approve your request if able, and then send you a confirmation).

·         Browsing for available space.

·         Finding room details and features, plus pictures of rooms and locations.

·         Finding out who has a room reserved in case you need to contact that person.





          On the Internet, log onto http://ems.messiah.edu/virtualems.  This will bring you to the Room Scheduling page.  Click on “My Account” and “Log In”.

          For “User Id” and “Password”, use your normal prompts, then click on “Login”.  You’ve just created your account.  You should see your status as Pending. 

          At this point you can exit the website, THEN email me at rheintze@messiah.edu to let me know that you’ve completed STEP 1.



         I will configure your account and email you back with your next set of instructions.  This may take a couple days.