How to Make a Reservation

When planning an event on campus there are some very important items to know:

Pre-Planning is Necessary

Most events cannot be put together in a couple of days or weeks because of all the approvals that are needed.

Step One

Your first step in planning an event is to secure a date and location for your event.

Making Room/Location Reservations

You can either self-select a location using Virtual EMS or you can contact Conference Services to see what locations may be available.

Virtual EMS (Virtual Event Management System)

Virtual EMS is Messiah's scheduling software located at is the preferred way to self-select and reserve your room/location.  A valid account is required to use Virtual EMS.  Contact Room Reservations for assistance in setting up your account.

Virtual EMS allows you to view rooms available on your event date and time, as well as, their location, and features.  Once a suitable room is located, you will place a "hold" on it blocking any additional scheduling.  If your desired room is already reserved, you will be able to view the name of the contact person.

Conference Services will give final approval to your room request within a day or two.  Their approval is for the room only, and NOT for your planned event.

The second way is to contact Room Reservations via email at Include the name of your event, campus group sponsoring the event, your name, group’s advisor’s name, requested date, start time and end time, preferred location, and expected number of attendees. Room Reservations will try to secure your preferred location if available. If unavailable, they will reserve and present you with a suitable alternative for your event.


Step Two

Your second step may be to complete an Event Calendar Form (ECF) which is a written synopsis of your event.   

Event Calendar Form

An Event Calendar Form (ECF) needs completed if any of the following are true for your event: 

The completed Events Calendar Forms should be emailed to Event approvals or additional forms may be required for your event.

Step Three

Event Approvals or Additional Forms Required

*Approval signatures are required if your event is SGA funded, is a fundraiser, includes    dancing, a movie shown to entire campus and/or the public, or food requests.

**An Off-Campus Speaker Form must also be completed if your event includes an off-campus speaker and/or performer.

*** A Vendor Contract must also be completed for any off-campus vendor/speaker/performer selling their merchandise.

Events with Off-Campus Speakers/Performers: Events with an off-campus speaker/performer must be approved by the Office of Conference Services before a contract can be signed. This is to insure that the space and all components, such as sound & lighting tech support, tables & chairs, etc. are available. Before a contract is signed, Conference Services is willing to look at any tech riders to make sure we can supply everything that the speaker/performer is requesting. If a contract is signed prior to Conference Services’ approval, the signing group is responsible to rent any sound & lighting tech support or extra set-up needed.

Conference Services will work with you to gather the necessary approvals for your event.

You will receive a copy of your Event Calendar Form via email with all the approvals on it, including a final approval from Conference Services. Until then, your event has not been approved.

Once your ECF has been approved, your group should meet to discuss the details of your event.

Step Four

Event Description (ED)

Several weeks prior to your event an Event Coordinator from Conference Services will contact you to go over your event details. These details will then be written out in a work order called an Event Description (ED).  Immediately review your copy of the ED for accuracy.  Additional copies will be circulated to all the on-campus providers so your event room layout meets your approved requirements. 



Conference Services is dedicated to helping you make your event a success. Please feel free to call us for assistance at extension 6009.