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500 New Donors = $50,000      


Trustee Eric Zee believes in the importance of a Messiah College education. He also knows that all gifts can make an impact and he wants to help Messiah College continue to provide a quality, Christian education. That is why if 500 new* alumni give to Messiah College by June 30th, he will give $50,000 to the Messiah Annual Fund.      


All Gifts Matter!      


Gifts of all sizes truly make a difference for Messiah College students. That is because when all alumni give, their collective giving adds up! Think about it… 23,000 alumni x $25 = $575,000 to help support this generation of Messiah College students!      


Participation Matters!      


Colleges and universities are ranked in part based upon their alumni giving rates. And these rankings aren’t based upon how much money alumni give, but upon how many alumni give. As our rankings improve, so does the value of a Messiah College degree, making our alumni more desirable in the job market and helping us to recruit prospective students.      


Grant-making organizations also base their support on alumni giving participation. They believe that if alumni don’t have enough confidence in their alma mater to make a gift, then neither should they. Your gift can help us improve this number and can therefore lead to larger gifts!


It’s not about the amount. It’s all about participation. Make your gift today!      


If you have questions about the A to Zee Challenge, contact Rachel Pease, director of annual giving and development communications, at 717-796-5066 or rpease@messiah.edu.      


*If you have already made a gift to Messiah College this fiscal year (July 1- June 30th), thank you! Your gift is already making a world of difference in students’ lives and has helped the College increase its alumni giving percentage. The A to Zee Challenge is open to all alumni who have yet to make a gift this fiscal year.



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