Battle of the Blues



Battle of the Blues: Messiah v Elizabethtown


Messiah College has challenged Elizabethtown College to a winner-takes-all recent alumni giving participation challenge! Alumni from the classes of 2002-2011 have the power to make sure that Messiah College defeats our #1 opponent.


Between July 1 and October 29, Messiah and Elizabethtown will be comparing alumni giving participation rates among their graduates of the last decade, with the winner being announced during half-time at the Messiah v Elizabethtown soccer game on October 29th. The winner gets all the bragging rights!


Why a Participation Challenge?


Alumni participation rates are used to rank colleges and universities by organizations such US News and World Report. These rankings then impact our ability to attract and retain top-notch educators, influence the decision-making process of prospective students, and can increase the marketability of a Messiah College degree in the job market. But a low alumni participation rate can adversely affect an institution’s ranking.


Also, grant-making organizations often look at alumni participation rates when deciding whether or not to provide the College with additional funding. If alumni don’t have enough confidence in Messiah to make a financial contribution, then neither will these organizations, and our grant proposals are likely to be denied.


But you can help improve our participation rates!


All Gifts Matter


Alumni participation measures the percentage of alumni who give, not the amount that they give. EVERYONE has the ability to help improve our participation rate.


And your gifts really add up! If each of our recent alumni gave just $25, nearly $150,000 would be raised for the College this academic year!


What can YOU do to help?


  1. Make your gift.
  2. Like us on facebook.
  3. Join the conversation on Twitter. #GoMessiahBlue
  4. Keep up to date with our progress.
  5. Tell your friends.
  6. Cheer on your alma mater, now and on October 29th!


A Special Thanks to the Battle of the Blues Committee!


Brendan Post '04
Anthony Thomas '06
Todd Holtzman '08 Rachel Crownover '09
Erin Lamb '09 Jansen Hein '11
Jonathan Lorgunpai '11 Jacob Specht '11



Thank you for supporting your alma mater. If you have any questions about this challenge, please contact Ashley Martin, annual giving coordinator, at or 717-796-5066.




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