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Faith in Christ coming


My daughter's closest high school friend recently graduated and left to join the United States Marine Corps. When he told us of his departure, he said he would be leaving for a 12-week boot camp experience. To a teenager however, 12 weeks can feel like a lifetime. As we were assisting him in preparing for his departure, my daughter, stricken with fear, proceeded to ask a lot of questions.


There was one question she asked that nearly brought me to tears. "Mom, is Ricky coming back?" she whispered. With tears in her eyes, she shared her fears and a multitude of "what ifs." She had grown so close to him and the thought of never seeing him again was unimaginable.


Holding back the sting of my own tears, fears and uncertainties, I spoke from a place deep within. "Yes, he will be coming back soon," I answered with certainty. My response to her question carried a boldness that seemed to revoke any doubt I had prior to that moment. I felt the tension leave her shoulders and smiled warmly as hope replaced the fear that once filled her eyes. The assurance she received from my simple response was all she needed. It was faith that caused her to believe Ricky was coming back soon.


What was it that aided my daughter in moving from complete pandemonium during the seasons of frenzy in our lives? When the world is frantic about what will be, we can receive the tranquility that comes with knowing that Christ will come in the midst of all of our circumstances and bring his peace. Although much in life can be unsettling, the blessed assurance of Christ's coming, received by faith, brings great joy.


During this beautiful Advent season, may you have faith in the coming of Christ. In the midst of what seems to be the plummet of our world's systems, where there is pain and suffering, may you believe that there will be a time when all of God's creation will live together in peace and harmony. Isaiah's promise of a restored Messianic Kingdom often seems a long way off or even improbable. But just as my teenage daughter trusts in the safe return of her dear friend, we, too, must have trust in Christ's coming. We must not allow our eyes to become clouded by fear and uncertainty. We must let faith in Christ's coming move us into peace that not only floods our world but our souls. May our faith in God and the coming of his precious son cause us to see the powerful vision of wolf and lamb, leopard and young goat, lion and calf, all lying down together in peace.


Do you wonder about Christ's coming like my daughter wondered about her dear friend? Do the "what ifs" of life's situations cause you to doubt? During this season, may you find comfort in the words of the Father. May you say with boldness, "In you Lord, my God, I put my trust." God did not promise it would be easy. He simply said, "Have faith." While you await Christ's coming, may doubts be silenced as you listen to your loving father say, "Yes, Christ will be coming back soon!"


- Cathy Coleman, M.H.S, assistant college pastor, professional counselor

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