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Meet the Callers


Each semester, a group of approximately 30 students gather in Old Main to call our alumni, parents, and friends in order to secure their support of the College. Please take a few minutes to read about our callers and say “hello” when they call.

AnnieAnnie C ‘12


Major: International Business


Career Goals: Employment in a non-profit organization, working in areas of poverty.


Activities: Phonathon, Agape Center service, Admissions, Choir


Some of the most memorable experiences that I have had at Messiah… As a student at Messiah, I have had the opportunity to interact with amazing people every day. My experiences in campus employment, the residence halls, and campus ministries have been wonderful.


The most rewarding thing about being a phonathon caller is… Not only am I given the opportunity to learn and apply new skills, I also have had the chance to hear stories and unique experiences from alumni and parents. Speaking with so many different people allows me to take time and listen in humility, learning from others.

To learn more about our phonathon program, contact Dan Custer at or campus extension 3640. 

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