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Meet the Callers


Each semester, a group of approximately 30 students gather in Old Main to call our alumni, parents, and friends in order to secure their support of the College. Please take a few minutes to read about our callers and say “hello” when they call.

LillyLilly D '16


Major: Nutrition and Dietetics


Career Goals: To become a Registered Dietitian (RD) in order to work with children who have rare and extremely restricting diets.


Activities:  I enjoy Powerhouse, Women’s Ensemble, SNAC club, and swimming.


I chose Messiah College because...I wanted to attend a Christian college that had a Nutrition and Dietetics Major. I visited many different colleges, but when I came to Messiah College, I automatically felt the community and warmth Messiah has to offer. Having only ever gone to public schools, being in the environment of a Christian college was refreshing and inspiring.


Some of the most memorable experiences that I have had at Messiah...the moments when I look around the sanctuary of Hostetter Chapel during Powerhouse and see everyone singing and praising God. I get a chill of excitement. It’s one of those priceless moments.


I believe that giving to Messiah is important because…Messiah College is such a great place to get an education, but most students need financial support. Alumni can show their support by giving, just like alumni showed support when they were students at Messiah. It’s a big circle.


The most rewarding thing about being a phonathon caller is…taking prayer requests. I enjoy being able to personally pray for alumni and parents.                   


To learn more about our phonathon program, contact Dan Custer at or campus extension 3640. 

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