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While we're dialing...


Our Phonathon callers are a group of energetic students who are dedicated to supporting the mission of Messiah College. When you see Messiah College on your caller id, please pick up the phone and talk to our wonderful callers!






We believe in the power of every gift,

no matter how big or small.


Swine Flu 2009


Phonathon survived the Swine Flu 2009!



        SpongeBob PledgePants


SpongeBob PledgePants



Upgrade Annie


Won't you increase your

support this year?


Put Your Dukes Up


Phonathon callers firmly

believe in their cause!



Team Ox


Our student callers are

the driving force behind Phonathon.


Dan's Party Lights


Phonathon is really something worth

getting excited about!




Phonathon callers are committed

to the cause.


Phonathon Rules


It's no myth that our callers

love Phonathon!


Party Lights


Every calling shift is like a party

and your support is cause to celebrate!


To apply for a position with phonathon, click here for an application.


To learn more about our phonathon program, contact Dan Custer at or campus extension 3640.


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