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Special Projects


From time to time, the Development Office assists in fundraising for special projects that have been approved as needs by the College administration.


Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) Endowment


The HDFS Student Endowment Fund will enable students to attend professional conferences, become student members of their professional organizations, conduct research with faculty, co-present papers with faculty at research meetings, conduct surveys necessary for senior honors projects, and so much more! The department's initial goals is to reach $20,000, which will provide $1,000 per year to award student grants. The ultimate goal is to reach an endowment level of $100,000.


Alumni Council Legacy Scholarship Fund


The Messiah College Alumni Council officially established the Alumni Council Legacy Scholarship Fundto support the children and grandchildren of Messiah graduates. This fund is intended to directly support Messiah families and help build legacy relationships for generations to come by providing scholarship assistance to children and grandchildren of alumni who choose a Messiah College education.


Parents' Good Samaritan Fund

About the Good Samaritan Fund - The Good Samaritan Fund is an un-endowed fund that will be used to meet tuition expenses for current students whose families cannot afford to pay their bill due to unforeseen, crisis-type situations. There are a number of circumstances that could impact a student's ability to pay for a Messiah education, including the disability or death of a parent or sibling, the loss of a parent's job, extended illness, etc. The reservoir of resources made available through the Good Samaritan Fund will provide critical emergency assistance for students who demonstrate that they are in need of such relief.

Administration of the Fund - The Good Samaritan Fund will be administered at the discretion of the President, based largely on recommendations from the Office of Financial Aid. Many times, students facing financial difficulties approach the President or other key administrators to directly request additional financial aid to meet their needs. The Good Samaritan Fund will give the President and administration much-needed resources to respond to students who strongly desire to stay enrolled at Messiah College as they face unexpected financial hardship.

Giving to the Good Samaritan Fund - Parnets of current and former Messiah College students have contributed personally to the Good Samaritan Fund because they believe strongly in the importance of having a fund that demonstrates Christ's love and compassion to students facing difficult situations. The opportunity to give to the fund is open to all current and past parents and other interested parties who wish to make a difference in this unique way at Messiah College.


For more information about making a gift, contact Beth Clark , director of annual giving, at 717-796-5066.

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