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Employee Giving


Last academic year, 36% of employees donated more than $100,000 to help support current students and the programs that help shape their education.

On behalf ofthe Development Office and our current students,




Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Employee Giving Campaign?
Our annual Employee Giving Campaign challenges each of us to consider our personal support for the College and current students and the ways we can make a difference above and beyond our daily work.
You’re asking me to give money to my employer?
Yes. We work in higher education, and as such, we have the privilege of working with, supporting or teaching students on a daily basis. We are asking you to support Messiah College for the same reason many of us support other worthwhile non-profits—because it fulfills a need we believe is important.
But … I work here! Why would I do that?
For our students.
As employees, we are all aware of the growing need our students and their families face, in order to make a college education possible. We also realize that in order to meet the needs of our students, we rely on those who care most about Messiah College, are most passionate about the success of our students and are most invested in the success of the College.
Further, your gift is seen as a vote of confidence in the college. Just as alumni participation impacts college rankings, so does the faculty and staff participation rate.
How much am I being asked to give? Small Gifts Add Up
Gifts of all sizes make a difference! In fact, gifts of $25 or less added up to more than $40,000 last year! You’ll also find that enrolling in payroll deduction is the fastest and most convenient way to make a gift. Through this process, you can break down your gift into smaller, more manageable amounts.
How will my gift be used?
That is up to you! You can designate your gift to the Messiah Annual Fund, Scholarship Aid, the Employee Scholarship Fund, Athletics or the Agape Center.


How do gifts impact students?
Tuition Pie Chart While a college education is a considerable investment for both the student and their family, no Messiah College student ever pays the full cost of their education. Today, tuition and other sources of revenue, such as the bookstore and conferences, only cover 85% of the actual cost of a Messiah College education. Gifts from alumni, parents, staff and friends of the college help cover the rest. That means before scholarships are even factored into the equation, your gift helps each student save more than $3,200 per year!
How is the Messiah Annual Fund used?
The Messiah Annual Fund is our “greatest needs” fund. Gifts to this fund are unrestricted and used to fund the most critical gaps that exist after tuition revenue ends. From scholarships to support for academic programs, and everything in between (including toilet paper!), the Messiah Annual Fund helps make every facet of a Messiah College education possible.
What is the Scholarship Aid fund?
The Scholarship Aid fund is the portion of the Messiah Annual Fund that has been designated for scholarship use only. These funds are awarded to students who still have un-met needs after named scholarships have been awarded.
How is the Employee Scholarship Fund awarded?
The Messiah College Employee Scholarship Fund was created so that employees could pool their annual contributions into a non-endowed scholarship fund to benefit students with un-met financial need. This scholarship is awarded by the Financial Aid office to students based on their financial need and who are in good academic standing.
You've convinced me! How do I make my gift?    
Thank you for your support! You can make a gift one of the following ways:


Payroll Deduction

You may enroll in a new payroll deduction, continue your deduction or modify a current deduction by emailing

Anyone enrolled in payroll deduction beginning July 1st will be allowed to wear blues jeans the last Friday of every month!



You can mail a check to campus box 3013, attention Ashley Martin


Credit Card Make a credit card gift at

I still have questions!
Please contact Kristin Zummo, director of annual giving, at ext. 3190 or, or Ashley Martin, annual giving coordinator, at ext. 6540 or

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