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Senior Class Gift


Each year, members of the senior class give a class gift in recognition of their time at Messiah College that makes a difference at the College and begins their tradition of giving back in support of their alma mater.


The Class of 2012 has voted to support the Calvin and Janet High Center Rain Garden project. The rain garden will be located at the corner of College Avenue and Creekside Drive. It will collect the rainwater runoff from the area around the new High Center. This will allow the rainwater to slowly filter into the ground as well as be pumped into the air by the plants, cleansing it of impurities.


Class of 2012 Senior Gift Committee:

Josephine Bellon Abbigail Facey
Danika Foster Leah Gould
Erin Horst Nicholas Kratz
Jon Martin Mitch Martin
Louisa Mfum-Mensah Laura Serbin


For updates, follow the Senior Gift on facebook and twitter.



The class of 2012 raised a total of $6,381 with 58% senior participation!


High Center Rendering


Rendering of Calvin and Janet

High Center for Worship

and Performing Arts.

Click here for more renderings.


Rain Garden Blue Print


Rain Garden blueprint. Click to enlarge.

For questions about this project or to inquire about joining your senior class gift committee, contact Dan Custer at or (717) 796-1800, ext. 3640.   

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