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L.B. Smith Educational Foundation
Matching Gift Program

The L.B. Smith Educational Foundation is a public foundation classified as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. The Foundation seeks to support educational institutions by accepting gifts from donors who wish to give to a particular college or university, like Messiah College. The Foundation processes the gift and sends it to Messiah, along with an additional matching gift from the Foundation. The additional amount varies, but is typically in the range of 10-25% of the donor's gift amount. Therefore, a gift of $100 made through the L.B. Smith Foundation may be increased to $110-$125 or more.

Gifts to benefit Messiah College, made through the L.B. Smith Educational Foundation, allow donors to maximize their giving potential and increase the size of the gift given to Messiah College. The College is truly appreciative of the donors who take advantage of this opportunity to provide additional gift revenue for the benefit of Messiah College students.

Email Beth Clark, director of annual giving, about making a gift through the L.B. Smith Educational Foundation or call her at 717-796-5066.



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