Emily Lint

Emily Lint
Assistant for Planned and Leadership Giving

I'm at Messiah because...

I want to help provide my children with a college education--even better, a Christian college education.  Now that I’m working here and can see all the Messiah has to offer its students, I’m even more determined and excited to send my kids to college--nice and close to home!   

Development Matters because...

As parents, we prepare as best we can to provide financially for our children’s college education.  Today, that’s a huge challenge.  What a relief to know that there is a group of people in Development at Messiah College working really hard to help keep costs down for all students and to provide financial assistance to those students who need it most. 

These things are important to me:

I am thankful every day for all that God has done for me, the family and friends He has placed around me and that He directs my path.