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Tradition of Support

classroomMessiah College has a strong tradition of philanthropic support that dates back to the foundation of the College. Messiah began in large part because of the vision and the sacrificial giving of S.R. Smith, who was also Messiah’s first president. Smith, a businessman and owner of a noodle factory, largely financed the school’s early years through his business success and later through the donation of five acres of property in Grantham.


In these early years, Enos Hess also donated $2,000 in cash and offered free teaching services in order to ensure that Messiah College, then the Messiah Bible School, would be able to open on time. Her story is just one example of Messiah's early educators sacrificing in order to provide a quality, Christian education to Messiah's first students.


Today, thanks to the generosity of thousands of Messiah College donors, each student's tuition is supplemented by over $3,200 per year. That means that the current tuition rate only reflects 80% of the cost to educate a student in Grantham. Although these numbers may change from year-to-year, one truth remains, no student ever pays the full cost of a Messiah College education.

Many others have helped make Messiah College what it is today through their giving. Now, alumni, parents, and friends of Messiah have the opportunity to continue this legacy of support through giving to meet the current and future needs at Messiah College.

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