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Office of Disability Services

Campus Accessibility

Handicapped Parking sign.


The main campus of Messiah College in Grantham, PA is situated on 360 beautiful acres in a park-like setting. Located on the rolling hills of the Appalachian mountains, the campus is not without challenge to those using wheelchairs. One should have sufficient arm strength to move among campus facilities, or have use of motorized equipment. Designated parking areas near most buildings assure good access for those using vehicles.

Most buildings are accessible, and sidewalks are well-tended. Pennsylvania does get snow. Crews are out early and often, and routes used by students with mobility impairments are cleaned first. Your safety is our primary concern.

Many residence halls are accessible and modern. New science and academic buildings provide access to quality labs and classrooms. Older residence halls have been renovated to update their decor and facilities, and elevators and ramps have been added to most to improve accessibility.


For students interested in studying at our Philadelphia Campus located adjacent to Temple University, special arrangements can be made with Temple Disability Services for accommodations. Housing requirements currently specify that Messiah students must reside on-site at the Philly Campus. This facility is NOT accessible for those using wheelchairs. The nature of the five converted townhouses prevents significantly improving accessibility. If attendance there is part of your plans, special arrangements for housing at Temple may be required. We will do all we can to facilitate your attendance there. We suggest you inquire early to allow for arrangements to be made if possible.


Adaptive technology is available or can be acquired if needed to meet specific needs. The campus is fully networked, and dormitory rooms have network access. In some cases, the College has arranged for specialized software or hardware to assure that students with disabilities have full access to library and Internet resources. Audio support for students with hearing impairment is available campus-wide, and a CCTV (closed circuit television) is available in the Murray Library for those needing text enlargement. E-text is widely available, and the college may offer transcription or ASL interpreter services as needed.