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Office of Disability Services



Students who qualify for this accommodation may obtain class notes by asking the instructor for copies of lecture notes or by asking a classmate for notes. The Office of Disability Services provides the student with a notetaker packet that includes information for the instructor, the student with a disability, and the volunteer notetaker.  It also includes a supply of NCR paper.  We ask the notetaker to use NCR paper or to provide copies of typed class notes.  The student may ask the instructor to help him/her find a qualified notetaker.  The instructor should expect to see the information sheet which gives the instructor some ideas of how to help the student find a notetaker.


A good notetaker

  • regularly attends class
  • takes thorough, clear notes
  • writes legibly


Instructor Tips

  • In classes where power points are presented as a class outline and shared with the class prior to the lecture time, there should be little or no need for a note taker.  This is good universal design as it helps all learners.
  • Important class communication can be reinforced by e-mail as well as spoken in class.