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Office of Disability Services

Course Substitutions


Messiah College does not waive course requirements, consistent with court findings which support the right of colleges and universities to set and maintain standards. In some cases, a disability may make course substitutions appropriate.


An example might be substitution of a series of courses in cultural studies, as well as cross-cultural courses for the language and cultures requirement. There must be a direct correlation between the request and the disability as evidenced by ADA eligibility documentation. Students whose high school documentation clearly documents efforts to learn a foreign language with subsequent accommodation will find it easier to justify than those who have no such record. The college reserves the right to require at least a one-semester enrollment in a language sequence. Disability Services will obtain recommendations from the language instructor regarding continuation or discontinuation of further language study.


Students requesting modifications should file a letter of request with the Director of Disability Services, who will review the request and, if approved, recommend a series of courses which have been approved by the Director of General Education. The Office of Disability Services will notify the Registrar of approved courses for degree-tracking purposes. Only those students who present written evidence of an approved accommodation for alternative courses will be approved for these substitutions.