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Office of Disability Services

Exam Modification


It is the responsibility of the student to initiate a timely, written request each time they expect to need pre-approved accommodations. When possible, instructors are asked to manage the accommodations within their own department resources.  If the instructor is unable to accommodate within his/her own schedule and department resources, the instructor will complete a brief, on-line form, designed to provide essential details about exam expectations and the method of delivery and retrieval of the exam.  The student is required to schedule the exam with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) within the instructor's specified parameters.



There are two parts to the exam modification procedure:

  1. Students are required to submit a Student request form for testing accommodations at least one week in advance of the scheduled exam.
    • If accommodation is provided within the academic department, the next step is not necessary.
  2. When arrangements must be made for testing through the Office of Disability Services (ODS), instructors are asked to complete a Faculty form to arrange for testing in the Office of Disability Services (ODS)



Sending an exam as an email attachment is the preferred method of delivery.  It is equally secure for instructors or designated staff to hand-carry an exam in a sealed envelope to ODS (Hoffman 101/102).  In the event that neither the director nor the assistant is available when the exam is dropped off, the sealed envelope can be slipped under the office door.   Due to concern about the security of exams, the option of a student bringing an exam with them and/or returning the exam to the instructor is discouraged.  Completed exams will be delivered securely to the locked testing cabinet in Faculty Services. 



  1. Complete the Student request form (see previous link under Step 1) and give to instructor, at least one week in advance of the scheduled exam. 
  2. For proctored exams, the student is responsible to schedule the exam time with ODS.