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Office of Disability Services

Special Seating for Individuals with Disabilities


Special seating areas designated for disabled individuals are primarily for those using wheelchairs and their companions, those who need to sit in a particular location to allow a clear view of an interpreter, or who require other seating-related accommodations because of a disability.  Persons with special seating requirements are encouraged to reserve seats in advance. 


Non-reserved seats are always available on a first come, first serve basis. Designated seats will be held in order to accommodate any eligible individuals.  In the event no qualifed individual requests those seats, they may be sold to non-disabled individuals.  If the last seat is sold to a non-disabled person, and the next person in line has a disability, the non-disabled person will not be asked to give up their seat.


Reserved seats, such as those purchased by season ticket holders, are always reserved unless the ticket holder notifies the management that they will not be there on a particular day and that their seat can be resold on that day.