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Office of Disability Services

Emergency Response and Evacuation


Persons with certain health, sensory or mobility-related disabilities will be asked to complete a Medical Response Plan and/or a Disabled Occupant Evacuation Form (see appropriate links at left).  The purpose of the plan is to guide Messiah College personnel in case of an emergency situation.  The availability of a Medical Response Plan on file in the dispatch office will allow a proper response without endangering the individual or subjecting them to unnecessary expense.


A proper response to known conditions may vary with the individual. For example, a previously-diagnosed seizure behavior may not require physician attention. The College has developed a response plan (see link at left) which authorizes a call for an ambulance by anyone witnessing a person having a seizure. With the help of a Dept of Safety officer, ambulance crews are directed to determine if transporting is necessary and appropriate.  If coherent, the individual having a seizure is asked if they want medical help. If not coherent, the safety officer and paramedics have authority to make a decision based on their best perceptions of the situation. Medical bracelets are encouraged.


Contingency plans are in place to assure the safety of all our students, guests, and employees in the event of fire or other disaster. As part of these contingency plans, a Disabled Occupant Evacuation Plan must be completed with any person whose sensory or mobility-related disability makes personal evacuation difficult or impossible without assistance. Each individual is unique, and different responses may be required. The Plan is worked out cooperatively between the individual, the Directors of Disability Services and Campus Safety, designated faculty or staff, and appropriate residence-life staff and their assistants. The evacuation plan is distributed to key offices and individuals who may need to assist.


Emergency Medical Technicians and ambulance service are available on-call within 5 minutes of campus. The campus has 24 hour-a-day dispatch service. Campus safety officers are trained in first aid and have direct contact with the dispatcher should emergency assistance be required.