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Our Stories of Hope


person helping person up a mountainThe stories you are about to read from Messiah College students tell about the classic symptoms of depression: sadness, hopelessness, sleep problems, irritability, withdrawal from friends, loss of enjoyment in life. They tell us that depression is often linked to family history or significant loss. But most importantly, they tell us that there is hope, that depression is treatable. Getting support from friends, getting professional counseling, and seeking medical advice are all important steps in coping with and overcoming depression.


And now, Our Stories of Hope. Our sincere thanks to the students who were willing to write about their experiences so honestly.


Depression and Men:

Depression is an illness that affects about 17 million Americans. 25% of women and 12% of men will have depression at some time in their lives. Before puberty, the rates of depression in boys and girls are the same, but the incidence doubles in adult women. Hormonal changes may account for some of this difference, but many professionals believe that we often just fail to recognize depression in men because it tends to be manifested differently, for instance in more angry acting-out behavior and more substance abuse than in women. For those of you who are particularly interested in depression in men, and would like to read stories by men about their experiences with depression, we recommend the following websites:


In conjunction with Screening for Mental Health, Messiah College is now participating in a free, confidential Online Screening for Mental Health for depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. This free screening is provided so you may find out, in a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you. Check out this new resource!!

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