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The Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services
One College Ave.
Suite 3028

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

PH: (717) 691-6035
PH: (717) 796-5357

FAX: (717) 796-5372




Announcement regarding new Health Services fees- click here.

Fee Schedule- click here.

Services Available

*Some services require a fee

  • Routine acute illness care requiring Nursing or Nurse Practitioner visits.*
  • Administration of Allergy Shots* (by appointment only.)
  • Physical for driver's license, employment, travel, premarital or Teacher's Certification*
  • Immunizations, including the Gardasil Vaccine*
  • Blood work drawn and sent out to labs*
  • Rapid strep tests*
  • Sports Physical
  • Urinalysis*
  • Tuberculin skin testing*
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Over the counter medications available at a nominal charge.*
  • Prescription Medications:  $10, with more expensive medications passed on to the student at cost. For your convenience, over the counter or prescription medication dispensed by Health Services can be charged to your tuition account, Falcon Dollars credit card.


Alert Pharmacy at Messiah Village Commons delivers prescriptions to the Engle Center for no additional charge beyond the cost of the prescription. Telephone :717-796-3611  Fax: 717-796-3621  Information on additional area pharmacies available here.