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Travel Medicine Services


    We proudly offer comprehensive pre-travel medicine services.  Our nurse practitioner has 12+ years of experience preparing clients for international travel.  Schedule your appointment several months prior to departure for maximum benefits. 


    What vaccines will you need? 


    Go to and select your destination.


    Please note:  all students who use the Engle Center for pre-travel medicine consultation will be required to receive all immunizations recommended by the CDC.


    Travel Medicine Services


    Immunizations Offered


    Estimated Fees


    Advised Timeline for Travelers



    Know Before You Go!





The Engle Center is pleased to offer comprehensive pre-travel medicine services.  We prepare students, faculty and staff for travel abroad to any foreign country or destination.  The Engle Center prepares travelers in accordance with guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Please review the CDC’s website at ( to familiarize yourself with the risks and precautions advised for your destination(s).  The Engle Center stocks all commonly required travel vaccines including Yellow Fever vaccine and the International Travel Medicine Certificate.  Other, less commonly required vaccinations can typically be ordered and delivered to the Engle Center within one week’s time.  The Engle Center is also able to order any prescriptions that a traveler may require. 


Groups:  Groups planning international travel are encouraged to invite an Engle Center staff member to speak to their group several months before departure.  Our staff member will educate travelers about the health risks in their country of destination and immunizations and precautions advised by the CDC.  Travelers who attend a group informational session conducted by an Engle Center staff member will be given a $10 discount on their travel consultation office visit. 


Individuals:  Those studying or serving abroad who are not part of a group are invited to schedule a private consultation at the Engle Center at their earliest convenience.  Please bring your travel itinerary and documentation of any previous immunizations. 



Travel Clinic Appointments

The best time to schedule your travel medicine consultation is 1-3 months prior to departure.   It takes several weeks for one’s immune system to establish adequate antibody levels after a vaccination.  Though it is never too late to seek pre-travel advice, travelers who are seen close to their date of departure risk suboptimal response to their vaccines, or discovering that a key immunization is temporarily unavailable.  Please allow 30-45 minutes for your travel consultation as we have a great deal of information to review and our staff will need time to prepare your vaccinations and travel documents.  Visits may be significantly shorter for those who have attended an informational session conducted by Engle Center staff prior to their appointment. 


What you can expect from us:

  • Timely and accurate advice based on the latest evidenced-based recommendations from the CDC.
  • The lowest prices we can afford to extend to our clients.
  • Care from an experienced, professional staff dedicated to protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff while they travel abroad.
  • Follow up care for student travelers who return to campus with illnesses acquired abroad.


What we expect from you:

  • That you will make every effort to attend the informational session offered to your group by an Engle Center speaker (and earn the $10 discount!)
  • That you will review CDC guidelines ( for your destination(s) prior to your travel consultation.
  • That you will bring previous immunization records along to your travel consultation.
  • If you typically discuss your healthcare decisions with your parents or guardians, that you will review the CDC guidelines with them PRIOR to your travel consultation.
  • That you will accept all medically-appropriate immunizations and prescriptions as advised by the CDC.  Those who might decline one or more CDC recommended immunizations may be more comfortable seeking care from an off-campus travel medicine facility.





    Routine Immunizations:


    Tetanus/diphtheria (Td) – required if current for pertussis but > 5 years since last Td or Tdap vaccine

    Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tap) – required if no pertussis vaccine since childhood

    Polio (IPV) – booster required for those traveling to a polio-endemic area if no polio vaccination since turning age 18

    MMR – two lifetime doses required

    Varicella – two lifetime doses required UNLESS patient had a case of chickenpox

    Pneumonia (Pneumovax) – required every five years for patients with certain chronic health conditions

    Influenza – required for all international travelers

    Shingles (Zostavax) – advised for all adults > age 50


    Travel Immunizations:


    Meningitis– required if > 3 years since last dose of Menomune or > 5 years since Menactra/Menveo

    Yellow Fever – required for endemic areas if > 10 years since last dose

    Typhoid, oral – must be repeated every 5 years

    Typhoid, injection – must be repeated every 2 years

    Hepatitis B – 3 dose series confers life-long immunity

    Hepatitis A – 2 dose series confers life-long immunity

    Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix )– 3 dose series confers life-long immunity

    Japanese Encephalitis – 2 dose series.  Consider booster annually for high risk travelers

    Rabies– 3 dose series confers protection for two years.  Booster advised every 2 years while at risk.




    Please be aware most insurance plans DO NOT cover travel medicine related appointments, immunizations or prescriptions.  Those seeking travel medicine services may pay with cash or check.  Patients will be given itemized bills at the conclusion of their visit which they may submit to their insurance company after the fact to seek reimbursement if they so choose. 


    Travel Consultation:  $40.00 ($30.00 if attended an Engle Center pre-travel talk).  At this visit, the nurse practitioner will review your individual medical history and will make recommendations based on your health history and the specific risks you might face during your travels.


    Vaccinations are expensive, but the Engle Center offers them close to our wholesale cost as a service to the Messiah College community.  Vaccines must be paid for at the time of visit.  The price list below is updated annually, but prices and availability are always subject to change based on market prices and availability of stock.

    2012-2013 Price List

    (all prices are per single dose)


    Stocked Immunizations:

    Hepatitis A  $ 65.00

    Hepatitis B   $ 70.00

    Polio (IPV)  $ 32.00

    Meningitis   $ 115.00

    PPD   $10.00

    Influenza   $ 25.00

    Td  $ 32.00

    Tdap  $ 46.00

    Yellow Fever  $ 98.00


    Other Immunizations:

    These are not stocked but can be ordered through a local pharmacy.  Prices are estimated below to assist you with budget planning.  For more specific pricing, call the pharmacy of your choice. 


    Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)    $ 75.00 (estimated)

    Hep A/B (Twinrix)    $100 per dose (estimated)

    Japanese Encephalitis (Ixiaro)    $200 per dose (estimated)

    Pneumovax 23   $ 60 (estimated)

    Rabies Vaccine   $200 per dose (estimated)

    Vivotif Berna (oral typhoid vaccine)  $ 75.00 (estimated)

    Typhim Vi (typhoid injection)   $ 60.00 (estimated)

    Varicella (chickenpox) -   $ 130.00 (estimated)




    3-6 months prior to travel:

    • Visit and review CDC guidelines for each country you plan to visit
    • Obtain copies of your previous vaccination records
    • Consider a visit with your primary care provider at home for booster doses of routine immunizations such as tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, meningitis, influenza, polio and varicella (chickenpox).
    • Ask your primary care provider for refills of any prescription medicines you may require
    • Ask your group leader to invite a speaker from the Engle Center to discuss travelers' health issues – and earn a $10 discount for everyone who attends!
    • If interested, group leaders may order First Aid kits through the Engle Center.


    1-3 months prior to travel:

    • Schedule an appointment for an individual travel consultation with the nurse practitioner for your immunizations and prescriptions.
    • If you are prescribed Vivotif Berna oral typhoid vaccine – start taking it as soon as you can, do not wait!
    • Get other prescriptions filled and store them in a safe place until the day of departure.


    Less than 1 month prior to travel:

    Traveling on short notice?  It is never too late to see pre-travel medical advice from our travel medicine professionals.  Though it is safest and most cost effective to be seen a month prior to departure, there are still measures that can be taken to protect the health of last-minute travelers. 


    Upon return to the US:

    If you are ill, please make an appointment to see the nurse practitioner in the Engle Center.  We are prepared to diagnose and treat routine and tropical illnesses.


    Two months after return to the US:

    If you traveled to a country with high rates of tuberculosis for 4 or more weeks, or if you stayed in the home of foreign nationals, you should get a PPD done to ensure you were not exposed to tuberculosis on your travels.  If your PPD indicates exposure to TB you will be referred to the PA Department of Health for antibiotics that lessen your chance of ever developing active TB.