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The Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services
One College Ave.
Suite 3028

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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Healthy Living


Finding Your Balance

woman at the table with empty plate

Go for the Burn! No Pain No Gain! Avoid stress! Lose more weight! Build more muscle! Eat more vegetables! Eat less fat! Eat fewer carbs! Eat more carbs! Get more antioxidants!  ARGGHHH!!!!  Unless you've been living in a cave or off on a deserted island somewhere, it's impossible to avoid the constant bombardment of "Do This!! Do That!" messages telling us what we "should" be doing to take care of our bodies. Add to this the confusion of contradictory information we receive from the ads on TV: the "Our Product Will Melt Those Pounds off FAST!" featuring bikini clad "success stories" advertisement is followed by the ad for an "All You Can Eat Buffet!" showing diners smiling rapturously in front of hugh plates of food. And both advertisers are sponsoring the latest show touting the miracles of plastic surgery for a totally "extreme makeover!"


balancing scaleSo, what's a body to do???

Somewhere between the messages urging you to indulge yourself without limits and the ones telling you to deny yourself and feel "guilty" about what you eat and dissatisfied with the body you have, lies a balanced middle ground.  The information about what we can do to take care of our bodies in a healthy way often gets lost between these two extremes. So, being physically active IS good for you, BUT, it's not so good if you exercise so obsessively that you won't listen to your body's need for rest. And yes, it is great for our bodies to have a diet that's got plenty of fruits and veggies but that doesn't mean we should be afraid of also having a chocolate chip cookie or a dish of ice cream. And what about body weight? We are exposed to so many digitally manipulated airbrushed images of sculpted "ideal" bodies, that we have no idea what a "real" body actually looks like!  But between these extremes of  unhealthy underweight and unhealthy overweight is a range that is healthy for the body type that YOU have.


woman with peace signWe're here to help!

Access to accurate information, as opposed to media hype, is important as you seek to find the healthy balance that is right for YOU. That's what this area of the website is all about! To the right you'll find a collection of articles designed to help you take good care of yourself. We'll be adding additional articles to this area in the days ahead, so check back occasionally and see what's new!