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Wellness Program

Messiah Wellness Program:   Wellness Topic of the Month


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2009 Issues:


February, 2009 : Heart Health Month

March, 2009: Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month

April, 2009: National Humor Month

September, 2009: Messiah on the Move!

October, 2009: Mental Health Month

November, 2009: Health Skin Month

December, 2009: Handwashing Awareness Month


February, 2011:

January, 2011: Cholesterol Awareness Month


2010 Issues:


January, 2010: Blood Donor Month

February, 2010: Cancer Prevention Month

March, 2010: Nutrition Aareness Month

April, 2010: Sleep Awareness Month

September, 2010:  Blood Pressure Awareness Month

October, 2010: Exercise & Physical Activity Awareness  Month

November, 2010: Fruit and Veggies Awareness Month

December, 2010: Flu and Pneumonia Awareness Month