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SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2014 - 9:00 AM


Messiah Team Triathlon Bike Route - See the map

  • Leave campus from Sollenberger Sports Center –
  • Turn right onto W. Lisburn Rd –
  • Go straight at the light in Bowmansdale –
  • Turn right at the underpass, and stay on E. Lisburn Rd. (Rt. 114 E) –
  • Follow Rt. 114 to Lisburn Rd (the first stop sign) –
  • Turn right onto Lisburn Rd. –
  • Turn right onto McCormick Rd. –
  • Turn right at the underpass back onto Rt. 114 E -
  • Turn right onto Arcona Dr. -  
  • Turn right onto McCormick Rd. –
  • Turn left at the underpass onto Rt. 114 W -
  • Go straight at the light in Bowmansdale –
  • Turn left onto Grantham Rd. –
  • Finish at the cone on Grantham Rd!  (exactly where Grantham Rd turns right)


Messiah Team Triathlon Run Route - see the map

  • Leave from the cone on Grantham Rd (the stop sign near the college entrance) –
  • Run on Grantham Rd. throught the square, and around the orange cone (near Laurel St) –
  • Run back to where you started from and turn right at the stop sign –
  • Turn left onto College Ave. –
  • Turn right onto Creekside Dr. –
  • Turn right onto College Ave. –
  • Finish at the orange traffic cone on College Ave. (right near the Sollenberger Sports Center)






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