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Department of Facility Services

Frequently Asked Questions        

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Q: What are the differences between the Campus Events Department and the Conference Services Department?
A: The Campus Events Department and the Conference Services Department at Messiah College work hand-in-hand.  The Campus Events Department is the cleaning and set-up arm of the college, performing all the set-ups and tear-downs for conferences during the summer and all events held during the school year. The Conference Services Department is the event and conference planning area, coordinating all events on campus. The two departments work very closely together to ensure an organized and successful event.

Q: What are the main divisions of the Department of Campus Events?
A: The Campus Events Department at Messiah College has four main divisions. There is a first shift, second shift , third shift and the residence hall employees which work first shift hours. Campus Events is responsible for keeping all the buildings at Messiah College neat and clean.

Q: How long does it take to set-up Brubaker Auditorium for the College's weekly chapel services?
A: Campus Events has a "chapel set-up" crew composed of both staff and student workers. It averages about an hour and a half each to "set-up" the chapel service and then tear it down.

Q: How many employees work in Campus Events?
A: We have a staff of 50 full time employees and 214 student workers during the school year. During the summer, Campus Events has 52 full time student workers.

Q: Why is the department called Campus Events?
A: We are called "Campus Events" because "custodial" or "janitorial" does not accurately describe what we do. Yes, we clean the buildings of the campus and we take great pride in this, but we do much more than clean. Our department is "Event" driven. Our work is a balance of event set ups and cleaning. Since events are such a major part of our work we believe the name "Campus Events" is a good representation of all that we do.


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