Just think about that for a moment, what an amazing statistic. The primary reason, it’s so easy to just simply toss that bottle in the trash rather than take a quick second to look for a recycling container. I wonder how many even know plastic bottles can be recycled. Did you know that here at Messiah College we have been recycling plastic bottles for a long time, that is #1 and #2 plastic bottles. Well here is some additional news about plastic bottles and recycling. We can now recycle all plastic containers #1 through #7. Yes, those little healthy yogurt cups (well for some of you) can now be recycled here at Messiah. So if weren’t sure in past, recycle or trash, go ahead and recycle it. God has given us an awesome responsibility to take care of and preserve his creation, don’t let him down.

For additional information regarding recycling, please contact Wes Bower at ext. 6011.